Running Free

             For those who have loved and lost

Running free, just the two of us together
Rain, hail, sun; who cares what weather
We were so young, you and me
Hand in hand together; running so free

Sharing the road of life
Side by side, husband and wife
Happy, carefree, undaunted and searching for tomorrow
Our strength was faith in the milestones we followed

Oh, the sweetness of our time
I was hers, she was mine
Such strong pulse beats of life as we ran free
We kept running, just the two of us, my true love and me

Today, the pace slows as I search the path behind me
No longer my beautiful mate can I see
My heart is heavy and I am so lonely
So many milestones and no longer am I running free

Silence broken by rasping breath and other faltering signs
Missing is the familiar fleeting shadow running next to mine
If only that flitting image was still dancing here and there
Yet than can never be, besides, sweet memories are every where

My love would not want my journey of life to quickly end
So I must gather pace before the next stone marker around the bend
Soon or late, I will find her at the end of my journey, waiting for me
Then, forever and a day, together, we will be running free

George Mansford ©March 2019