Sen. Jim Molan – A yellow attack from the Greens in cowards’ castle

The Australian Editorial – 8th February 2018

Yesterday,  Mr Bandt derided Senator Molan as a “complete coward”. That it is not a misprint — the Greens MP  ….. dubbed the military leader who risked all on the battlefields of Iraq and in the liberation of East Timor a “complete coward”. 

It got even worse. Mr Bandt accused the former major general of being a war criminal. “I tell you what, if there was a proper inquiry into the war in Iraq,” the Greens MP said, “I think you’d find Jim Molan would probably be up for prosecution rather than praise.”

That this attack was laughable, vitriolic, unbecoming and irksome must be obvious to any functioning adult. Yet Mr Bandt’s hateful intercession was no accident and he was no loner. Other Greens, including leader Richard Di Natale and senators Sarah Hanson-Young and Nick McKim, also viciously attacked Senator Molan who, within hours of walking into parliament, became a new lightning rod for far left vitriol.

A yellow attack from the Greens in cowards

The Royal Australian Regiment Association pledges its support to Sen. Molan (Major General A.J. Molan AO, DSC  (Retd)) and condemns Bandt‘s denigration of  him and by association the ADF

Duty First


  1. Linton Solomon says

    Politics at its absolute lowest ebb. These people are way out of control but the saving grace is probably that the majority of real Australians will see it for what it is. I just hope Sen Molan gets his sea legs quickly and drives these goons back into there dark holes where they belong.

  2. Absolute a gutter dip stick, who is the coward like to meet this green tree huger in an alley he wouldn’t walk away how dare he accuse a ADF senior commander i know who the coward is.
    ex Vietnam vet

  3. Des Johnston says

    Loony Left. Are these people (greens) real.? They are certainly “koalas”. Not allowed to be exported or shot at. Not like the soldiers they agree to send o/s.

  4. Steven kennedy (Keno) says

    These Green Party people are hopeless who the hell votes for them. It is unforgivable what they stated against a former soldier of the Australian Army. Who did more for his country in one year . Than what the three of those scum have done in their entire careers.

  5. Michael Connolly says

    A despicable low act from the Greens Natale SHY and Bandt should be sanctioned, anyone that votes for these pond scum should hang their heads in shame. Jim I hope you take Bandt to the cleaners.

  6. Alan Battye says

    Who’s the gutless coward here? Bandt & his greens cronies!
    saying that under parliamentary privilege, wouldn’t have the guts to say it outside parliament.
    They have no idea what it would be like to lay their lives down for their country.
    Hope Australians rise up at the next election & boots them out ?

  7. I see that the old communist party is alive and well. But is now operating under the guise of the greens.

  8. Barry Brewer says

    It would seem that the communist party is alive and well, but operating as the greens.