Support for people affected by the Townsville and NQ Floods

For all people suffering from the floods. Here are the current grants available and how to get them.

Emergency hardship assistance: $180, not asset tested

Essential household contents grant: Grants of up to $1,765 for single adults who are uninsured to replace or repair essential household contents

Structural assistance grant: Grants of up to $10,995 for single adults and up to $14,685 for couples/families are available if you are uninsured and need repairs to your home

Access to these grants is available at:       1800 173 349

Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment and Disaster Recovery: a one-off recovery assistance payment of $1000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child. More than 25 percent of your home needs to have major damage or have been breached by flood waters

Go to:
180 22 66

Disaster Recovery Allowance: Help for people who can show loss of income as a direct result of the Far North Queensland Floods

Go here for more:…/far-north-queensland-flo…

Essential services safety and reconnection grant: If you’re uninsured, or unable to claim insurance, you may be eligible for a grant to help you reconnect essential services:
– $200 towards a safety inspection for each essential service needing reconnection
– Up to $4200 towards repair work to enable essential services to be reconnected

For details of eligibilty and how to apply go here…/essential-services-safety-reconnec…