The Big Dry – Dig Deep Diggers

At the moment our farmers, graziers and their families and communities are doing it tough in this drought. They need our help.

As a defence community we know the importance of the moral support Australians give to us. So its time for us to show our support to those who need it.

How can you help? These are the charities helping our farmers.

When the going gets tough the tough get going. So dig deep diggers and donate.

My Country – Dorothea Mackellar


  1. Ken Stone says

    The diggers are long overdue, since the last drought, no digging dams, no digging wells and bores, no digging pipelines, no digging into the Nation’s coffers for the cheapest money on record to construct reservoirs, no digging into Bradshaw’s drought plan to divert water, no digging into the possibilities of damming every river discharging into the Pacific Ocean collected in marine reservoirs with recovery of fresh water, no digging the idea of recycling plastic waste into irrigation channel liners and anti-evaporation covers, just for starters.