Tracking Down Command and Staff College (CSC92) Classmates

Brigadier (Ret) Ian Errington is updating the database for the Command and Staff College Class of 1992 in preparation for their 30th reunion in 2022. Unfortunately, they have lost track of a number of their infantry classmates and staff and are wondering if you could pass this message onto them.

In the interest of individuals privacy, please do not pass their details on without their consent. It is best practice to send the information to them if they have not told you it is ok to give their information out.

If you have contact with these folk and are able to assist, please direct them to the Facebook page ‘CSC92‘ or to Brigadier Errington directly on [email protected].

The missing members are:
Brigadier Keith Jobson, Colonel Dave Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Gary McKay, Major Mick Brown, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Davies,

Many thanks for your assistance.

Brigadier (Ret) Ian Errington
CSC Class of 92


  1. This is just a quick note to say thanks to the RAR Association for your assistance in tracking down some of our classmates. We had an almost immediate response and successful reconnection with Peter Davies (thanks Bruce). Wonderful to see the broader Army family still exists post-service. All strength to your Association. Thanks again for your help.