Vale Brigadier Neil Weekes AM MC

Mid muffled drums, bugle calls, sobs and cries

We fondly recall his soldiering days gone by

Weep not for him as we bid a fond farewell

There are so many proud deeds of his to tell

In peace and war he was always there

Standing tall and never reluctant to dare

Always were his thoughts for others

He was a leader, patriot, soldier and brother



Now he leaves to join old comrades far, far away

Yet his spirit still lives with us, forever and a day

Marching alongside us as we seek tomorrow

All in step together, with Duty First as our proud Motto

George Mansford ©


  1. Colin E (Col) Benson says

    Rest in Peace, Neil, you were a great loss to diggers for whom you cared during and after service, but your duty is done.

    I miss your occasional e-mails for the Fair-Go campaign. You and Brig (Ret) George Mansford were two of the only three general officers whose hands were evident fighting for diggers in recent years.

    While working towards Mackay’s 2018 Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony, I learned that Neil Weekes’ M.C. was awarded for leadership at FSB Coral. One of his soldiers, Pvt Brian Thomas Young, also from Walkerston, was Killed in Action.

    For many years (from the mid-1990s until 2013), I produced the program handout for the ceremony, and remain a consultant. When asked about the “back page” on which I used to write a relevant article, I suggested someone write about FSB’s Coral and Balmoral as it is the 50th Anniversary of those costly battles.

    [I am a Vietnam Veteran, and amateur military historian, RSL member, and organiser of ceremonial parades since 1988. My greatest involvement has been 26 years with Australia’s worst air disaster that claimed 40 American’s lives at Bakers Creek, near Mackay, Queensland, on 14 June 1943.]

  2. David Phillips says

    I had the privilege of serving under the Brig when he was an instructor Lt Col at RMC Duntroon. As a war experienced officer he was highly respected by us staff cadets. Despite his rank he displayed all the hallmarks of outstanding leadership when dealing with cadets in training. I do recall one occasion the Brig riding his horse out to Majura rank to visit training.


    David Phillips Lt Col (Rtd) HMF

  3. Phillp Pyke says

    We served on PMAC together and shared our experiences between at the AWM between Neil’s experiences at Firebase Coral – Balmoral and mine with the Iraqi sea mine. A short but memorable time – Lest We Forget

  4. Bruce Relph says

    RIP boss, your duty is done.
    I had the pleasure of serving under Neil in Canberra and he was an exceptional boss, he led by example and always protected his troops like they were his own children,
    I kept in contact with Neil over the years and had him as my friend eventually on Facebook, my respects to family and friends at this terrible time.

  5. Dean Deighton says

    On behalf of the late Brig.JPA Deighton AM MC and family , RIP Brig.Neil Weekes AM MC . RIP.

  6. Antainee "AJ" Ó Flannagáin says

    Brig Weekes MC, AM was my Skipper when he was a Col. Taught me to fish and to this day when I bait my hook, I hear his voice in my ear.

    A Boss who actually stopped and talked to us Diggers, cared about us and took time out for our families as well.

    RIP Skipper. I for one am proud to have served with you as my CO.