Vale: Colonel Arthur “Bushy” Pembroke MC

We have been advised from Micheal Pembroke that his “father slipped quietly away yesterday. He was close to 94 and had well and truly exceeded our expectations. There will be a funeral service on Wednesday 8 June in the War Veterans Chapel at Anzac Village, Narrabeen.” 


Hon. MA Pembroke, Dove House 11 Wallaroy Road, Woollahra, NSW, 2025

The Queen reunites with Colonel Pembroke a veteran she decorated
See the Australians at War Film Archive’s Transcript of an interview with Arthur Pembroke (Bushy) dated 3rd October 2003

A Tribute from George Mansford

Dear Michael, my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father. Below is a poem, a small tribute from all of us who served under his command  in B Company 2RAR. MANY SALUTES TO YOUR MOTHER  

Those who served under his command, no matter when or where, held  him in the highest regards as an outstanding leader. Be it directing us in the field, inspecting us on parade or cheering the company’s rugby team  to victory or defeat on the sports field.  he was always there.

 Our Space Age army owes a great deal of respect and gratitude to those who served  as leaders in dangerous and challenging times during the infancy of the Royal  Australian Regiment, our boss, Bushy Pembroke, MC was one of them.

A Warrior’s Farewell

            Go now and travel beyond the void

            Seek the green column and when you meet

            See once more those smiling faces

            Hear again laughter and sounds of marching feet

            No more the visions of the bloody past

            Gone are the nightmares and lingering pain

            Soon you will be home at long, long last

            United with fallen comrades once again

            And when the final roll is called

            Another page of history complete

            Rest with brave spirits such as they

            In a camp where you will find peaceful sleep

            Go swiftly now and seek your past

            Your duty done for all to tell

            With pride of who and what you were

            And now we bid you a fond farewell