Vale – Colonel Wayne John Lynch

We are saddened to report the passing of  Wayne Lynch

He enlisted into the Regular Army in 1971 and served initially as a rifleman in 1 RAR. He was selected for and attended the Officer Cadet School Portsea, graduating in December 1972. From rifleman, Wayne rose in rank to Colonel over his 38 years’ service in the Regular Army and the Army Reserve.

Wayne had a wide range of appointments over the years, including company command in 3 RAR and 6 RAR, CO RURQ, CO QUR, and Commandant of LWC SQ.

On his transfer into the Army Reserve in 1994, Wayne took up a public service appointment with DVA where he was employed in the Rehabilitation and Compensation area in the Brisbane office.

He retired from DVA in March 2013 and was later appointed as a Member of the Veterans` Review Board located in Brisbane.

Wayne’s life will be celebrated at the Lakeview Chapel, Albany Creek Memorial Park at 11 am on Monday the 17th of September 2018. Ex-service members are requested to wear medals. In lieu of flowers, the Lynch family request a donation is made to Legacy Australia. Following the service, the family will be hosting a wake at the the Lynch family home in Everton Park.

Rest in Peace Wayne

Your Duty is Done