Vale – Lt Col Barry Petersen

Dear All, 

This is to notify you that Army Regimental No. 13668, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Barry Petersen MC MiD JP (aka Barry Petersen) passed away on February 28, 2019 at 8p.m.  after a nine-year battle with prostate which finally spread into his bones during September 2017.

He has requested a simple cremation service.   We will try to notify you when the Medical Faculty surrenders his remains, plus the date and venue of the cremation.

He requested that there be no religious service.

Kindest regards,

Ektanat Suwan

Managing Director

Lang Suan House Co Limited


  1. He was my Company 21c at 1 RTB in 1962 . He spoke to me in kind terms when I was at my lowest. I never did serve with him or seen him again.I followed his career throughout the years and was told by soldiers of his Company in 2 RAR, second tour, VN that he was an excellent OC. I always wish that I had served with him. They told me he was excellent in the field and give his soldiers a good run in camp.

  2. Craig. Phillips says

    He was a very special person to me in 1978.
    I have spent time in the reserves and Regular Army. In which. He inspired me

    • Craig Phillips. 1103915 says

      Would like to be notified of his upcoming service as I would like to pay my respects.

  3. He was my boss at JTC in late 68 or early 69. A generous and decent man.

  4. Stewart (Slam) Duncan says

    Lt Col Barry Petersen MC, MiD, OAM

    Venue: Wat Dan Temple, Sala 1
    Rama III Road, Soi 34

    Date: Tue, March 5th, 2019
    19.00 hrs. Funeral chanting by monks
    (Guests invited to pay respects)

    Wed, March 6th, 2019
    Morning Religious Rites
    11.00 hrs. Offer meal to monks
    12.00 hrs. Move the corpse to crematory
    15.30 hrs. Guests arrive at Sala 1
    16.00 hrs. Mourning speech
    17.00 hrs. Cremation
    17.30 hrs. Ceremony ends
    (* Guests invited to pay respects at 15.30 hrs.)

    Military personal: Uniforms
    Ex-military: Berets / Unit Ties / Medals

    Contact e-mail : [email protected]

  5. bill charlton says

    Barry was my first OC at Kapooka. A very fair man with a total love of the Infantry. I followed his career with great interest as he said to me once – “You are going to Infantry! It is the best Corps and I want to see a marked improvement in you the next time we meet!” We never did meet again.