Vale: Richard (Rick) “Barney” Bigwood – 9 RAR

It is my very sad duty to advise that Barney succumbed to the ravages of cancer on the 28th September. His contribution to both the 9RAR, 4 RAR and 1 RAR families is legendary and deserves the highest possible accolades.

Barney was truly one of a 9RAR’s true characters with an enormous sense of community duty and capacity to do good for others. He was respected and loved by all who knew him.

Barney authored the book “We Were Reos – Australian Infantry Reinforcements in Vietnam” to give rightful recognition of their contribution to service in every Battalion.

His contribution to the RARA NSW and military veterans and their families was magnificent. He epitomised the RAR motto – Duty First. His humanity is shown in this photo.

Our deepest condolences go out to Helen, Andrew, Emma, Janine and the family.

Due to Covid Restrictions his funeral service will be streamed

The live streaming event for Richard (Rick) Bigwood is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 5th 2021 at 1:15 PM (Australia/Sydney) Tuesday, October 5th 2021 at 2:15 AM (UTC). This is a private Service.

To Watch Event will require the following PIN number to access: 8518

RIP Barney your Duty has been Done.

Homeward Bound

I saw the shooting star burning so bright
Falling, falling, fading and soon from sight
So distant and yet so near
In its wake, a soldier’s journey so very clear

No longer a mortal in life’s short race
A contented spirit bound for home somewhere in distant space
This fiery trail I saw tonight marks a warrior’s farewell
Leaving behind another legacy of proud deeds to tell

George Mansford©April 2012