Warrior Poet – Life’s Journey

                  Life’s Journey

At last I have reached the peak
The final goal of life, to rest, no more to seek
Behind me, a winding track of life’s stage
A trail of challenging and happy seasons of mortal age
So many memories quickly fleeting by, year after year
Flickering visions of smiles and tears

Scenes of failure, second chance and sweet success 
Familiar ghostly faces I see more and more, not less
Loved ones I walked with, leaving life’s stage and lost from sight
Comrades in arms waving farewell, and then merging with the night
Countless footprints going forward, sometimes back
Happy and light footed or trudging with heavy burden on life’s track 

So many obstacles with stumbles and heavy falls 
“Get up and try again” always came as a ghostly whispering call
How often did I spurn good advice and charged like a bull at a gate? Instead of more time and thought to let impatience abate
So often in calm waters I cast aside my faith and its rules of life
Yet sought refuge in praying if dark storms threatened terrible strife

Seizing each day, drinking greedily the sweetness of life
Such good fortune with beautiful children and a devoted wife
Often empty pockets, yet always rich with smiles, laughter and song Learnt from mistakes in the hope next time I would not go wrong Striving to make dreams come true of happiness for tomorrow Trying to be brave to cope with sudden and terrible sorrow 

Now as I rest and study my new surrounds
I wonder if this is a false crest and the true peak yet to be found? 
It’s time to seek beyond the gathering misty fog just to make sure After all, life is so sweet and I am greedy for more 
Perhaps there is another signpost with an arrow for me to follow
A precious gift to guide me if there is to be another tomorrow

George Mansford ©July 2019