Whatever Happened to Ocker Land?

In a world of political correctness, be careful what you say

A slip of the tongue means exile and a high cost you will pay

Offer contrary views which upset our new regime, then watch out!

You’re branded racist, stricken with islamophobia or an ignorant lout


Don’t call politicians “useless basxxrds,”as once we used to do

There’s every chance that with today’s laws, Canberra Suits could sue

A new rule when watching a footy match is “never heckle”

Otherwise you will be an instant leper or the status of Doctor Jekyll


It’s fisherpersons now, so bite your tongue if you talk of fishermen

Sketch a controversial scene and you may forfeit more than your pen

Wait fort green lights flashing “him and her” before crossing a street

Standing up or doffing a hat to a lady is at your peril when you greet


How odd it is that some will march for women’s rights

Yet polygamy, female circumcision and other evils are never in sight

So be alert if you anger a feminist with your honest views

You’ll be on a hit list and frankly, cobber, its curtains for you


All is not lost if you travel far and visit our rugged Outback

Where commonsense and honesty are yet to be put on the rack

At the pub where tribes meet and if you shout “drinks for the guys”

“It’s Sheilas and Blokes, you silly basxxrd” the barmaid will cry


George Mansford © April 2017

Note. Basxxrd has been censored because many of my friends have politically correct computers

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