Who authorised this Space Age stupidity?

Many years ago our nation was branded as “The lucky country.” Sadly, this proud signature envied by the old world is fading fast. Thought Police and Wimps masquerading as representatives of the people are slowly but surely eroding a legacy handed to us by previous generations.

There is increasing evidence of what can and cannot be said in the public arena, as well as false rewrites of our history. With sly censorship growing, there’s reluctance in the community to speak out. The consequence could be a return to days similar of the old world’s hated regimes where genuine concerns were being whispered behind closed doors.

The latest waves of Political Correctness discourage the use of Mum, Dad, Honey, Love, Sweetheart, merry Christmas and the list goes on. Regrettably, a confused and silent majority of our citizens are becoming immune to it all and wait for the next installment of instructions to be issued by our masters in Canberra on what we can or can’t do.  Where does it end?  Who authorised all of this nonsense?

Unless we apply the brakes and rediscover commonsense; future generations of Australians will never understand what used to be. Muteness and apathy combined with deliberate distortions of our past will be used as weapons to erode and eventually destroy our freedom as we know it.

For those who have been engineering such radical change to our society; it’s time to remove the blinkers, turn on the light and go read our history. Records show that despite immense hardships, a new nation was forged against all odds, complete with unity, independence, wealth, character and immense pride in being who we are. We must not allow our past to be distorted or smothered by a mindless minority. There is so much for all of us to be proud of.

GM March 2018


  Don’t Let Termites Destroy Our Proud Legacy 

Will we ever understand the spirit of those who came before?

Who rattled chains, felt the lash and dreamed of freedom even more

Farmers in stifling heat tilled with wooden ploughs again and again

Fevers, broken bones and child birth with bush medicines for pain

At lonely graves were brave farewells that masked grief and sorrow

Men and women scarred with failure still seeking bright tomorrows

Have we forgotten the rich legacies of life won for you and me?

A soapbox was the rostrum to speak your mind so free

A united happy nation that became known as the “Lucky Country”

A family home for all with a backyard for BBQs and kids to run free

An education system envied by others, far and near

Respect for the law and to walk the street at night without fear 

True blues with dreams created reality with blood sweat and tears

The Snowy Mountain scheme was completed despite cynics and fear

Across the vast Nullarbor Plain, a railway line linked East to West

Sydney Harbor Bridge, despite Doubting Thomas, passed the test

Thank God we were left a legacy of some major Dams and Ports 

Now, its talk and no action by a creaking Canberra void of thought

The spirit still lives; however gone is its very strong pulse beat

“A fair go” was part of the OZ bible, be it in the bush or city street

For a Swagman walking by, a farmer’s wife would give tea and pie 

At a bark hut, a thin weary face shared crumbs as travelers passed by

 “Pass the hat” for a bloke down on his luck was a familiar shout

“Hand me downs” was a sign of caring and what it was all about

Such pride when we became a united people under our own flag

Yet today, some fools would replace it with a trendy Space Age rag

The misery of the Great Depression never stopped the smiles and wit

Flood, fire, famine was a battle cry to roll up sleeves and do our bit

Love of country has been proven with the blood of youth in war

The torch is ours to keep alight; we should never ask “What for?”

Today there are serious threats that we, all as one must face

Political correctness in stampede mode is crushing us at rapid pace

“Thought Police” demand what we must say and do

Mum, Dad, Family, Sweetheart, Honey and Love are now taboo  

Jesus is back on the cross and Christianity is no longer at odds on

Fair Dinkum, it’s time to rattle drums before our way of life is gone

George Mansford © March 2018

  1. What odds “Gidday mate“ will soon be on the hit list?

Editor’s comment. George’s poem has invoked memories of this poem we learnt at School

We are the sons of Australia,
Of the men who fashioned the land,
We are the sons of the women
Who walked with them, hand in hand;
And we swear by the dead who bore us,
By the heroes who blazed the trail,
No foe shall gather our harvest,
Or sit on our stockyard rail.




  1. Greg Pullin says

    This nation has weathered war disasters and everything nature has tossed at us and respondered to correct and prevent repeats learning from mistakes now we are on a downhill run not learning anything from polititical fopahs wake up Australia!

  2. Steven kennedy (Keno) says

    Our Nations death rattle can be heard by those who listen . But how can those who listen save the Nation from itself.

  3. R. Walker says

    Oops! TOO TRUE….

  4. R. Walker says

    To true, and it’s sad. We might have to have another Eureka Stockade!!!