Why Bully Fairy Tales?

                      Why Bully Fairy Tales?

Today’s mad magicians have special wands to change everything

Sending the Queen’s English and common sense into garbage bins

Fling nasty curses and cast spells if you speak of “Sheilas or blokes”

Whatever you do, for goodness sake, don’t laugh, it’s no joke  

If you dare challenge or raise so much as a questioning hand

The Wizards and Witches will scar you with the dreaded racist brand 

Winnie the Poo is currently in their sights

The Bah-bah black sheep is now coloured orange bright

“Girl and boys,” a well-used salutation, will soon be taboo

“Ladies and gentlemen” is listed too; so what will I call most of you?

It’s “odds on” that Snow-white and her dwarfs will have to go

Painting faces black to honour yesterday’s heroes is a definite no  

If common sense is to prevail and what was is still to be

Please tell me what is racist with “drunk as a monkey”

A dumb ox; mad as a cut snake; stubborn as a mule; cunning as a rat

A mad galah; slippery as an eel; sly as a fox; blind as a bat

Imagine a scene from long ago if Thought Police had been around

When bush men yarned at the campfire and such terms did abound






Who are the phantoms driving without lights and changing our life?

Who finances it? And which of our authorities sanctions such strife? 

We must find an antidote to rid us of this terrible plague

It’s time for politicians to lead the way and to stop being vague 

To regain a way of life and end the thought of throwing in the towel

Before the basxxrds turn us into dingoes and all we can do is howl

George Mansford © may 2018