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Calls for royal commission over the rate of veteran suicides

There are growing calls for a royal commission into the rate of suicide among military veterans. An official estimate is there have been more than 370 suicides involving current or former defence personnel since 2001. Despite ongoing reforms, the Department of Veterans Affairs is under fire over how it treats compensation claims and the toll it takes on those who have served our country.

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Wed 26 Jun 2019, 8:45pm

Minister for Veterans Affairs talks about today’s summit on mental health

Minister for Veterans Affairs, Darren Chester, held a summit to discuss the problem of mental health issues among veterans.

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Wed 26 Jun 2019 8.45 pm


  1. This new concept of white cards ,in my opinion, is only a RUSE to avoid paying compensation for PTSD!

  2. Ted,I treated for Major Depression Disability in 1998,and still am at present…….if Chester & friends wanted to have input to how the military really f……my life please contact me I will be happy to address those who know nothing of what our veterans go through ,or how little the head sheds know of our plight for normal life…….quick fix white cards…..DONNOT WORK………Brian