George Mansford

A Tribute to Our Caesar in Khaki and Jungle Green – Posted to Valhalla 2O January 2022 Caesar was our God, and his bible was to be read and obeyed. It included commandments on many essentials so critical in war. He was tough and demanding. Failure was not included in his dictionary.  He was never forgiving […]

I watched as the young widow laid her wreath. I wanted to tell her I was with her husband shortly before he was killed in action.  It was not to be. In seconds she had merged with the large gathering attending the Dawn Service. Decades later, she rang me and in excited voice, told me […]

As an initiative by teachers, panels of senior students in Far North Queensland are soon to gather at Cairns High School to debate “Aspirations” as one of the final steps before they enter yet another challenging phase of life. Thus this very short message for them, and indeed our entire nation’s youth preparing for its […]

I recall a few whose waves would be their last goodbyes A band playing “Now is the hour” so very loud Fading coastline, a silent band, and gone the cheering crowds A bonded band of warriors, clad in jungle green thread Ready to fight in a forgotten war with little news seen or said Albeit […]

Such a sacred oath to swear Of duty, discipline, and risk of life itself A proud flag to carry, and the nation’s cloth to wear So often the lingering fear, hunger, thirst, heat and strife “Stop” -“Go”- “As you were”– “Another change of plans”No matter when, all the above was part of a memorable phase […]

Deepest sympathy and endless salutes for all who in troubled times waved a final farewell to loved ones bound for duty. There are no winners   No matter age or season, the God of War is never far away One small chink in a tribe’s armour, and there’s a price to pay Soon or late, victory or […]

Oh, how old soldiers remember past days with bayonet drill The shrieking orders; “on guard, thrust, parry, feint”“Go for the throat or stomach for an easy kill”“Kick, gouge; bite; no Kingsbury rules, cos enemy ain’t Saints”  On and on it went, where flashing glinting bayonets could be seenSoldiers charging, screaming, breathless, dry mouths and tonguesBayoneting […]

SCRIBBLED WITH A BLUNT PENCIL AFTER LIGHTS OUT Sad news while I was bludging in hospital. Three more cobbers have left our parade ground.  Like so many others in our military family, they have left the parade ground to join the growing ghost column. My deepest sympathy to their loyal, dedicated and loving families. Until […]

In the days of the Roman Empire, there were times when one in every ten soldiers would be executed, then and there without trial, yet the  unit maintained its identity and lived to fight another day. Fortunately, such decimation by execution is long gone. However, today a sub unit also without trial has been struck […]

Like many Australians I have great empathy for commanding officers and their officers, Warrant Officers and NCO in our Armed Forces, who are slowly being stripped of authority by smothering directions from Canberra, on what can and can’t be done in preparing for war, yet destructive PC is all systems go. Unit commanders must be […]