As an initiative by teachers, panels of senior students in Far North Queensland are soon to gather at Cairns High School to debate “Aspirations” as one of the final steps before they enter yet another challenging phase of life.

Thus this very short message for them, and indeed our entire nation’s youth preparing for its journey into tomorrow. “We know you will make all of us proud. Always to call Australia, “Home” and the battle cry  to “Aspire” to be heard by all. Luv ya, cobbers”  


A deep sigh from cluttered memories of last night’s dreams 

Flickering in early dawn is a spark of aspiration still to be seen

Reach out now; seize it; and don’t let it die

To be lost forever, and its purpose you will never know why

Starving and demanding, it needs fuel to create a fiery glow

Logs of discipline, study and toil to help the warmth grow and grow

Ever hungry for recognition that even precious gold could never sate

Feed it large spoons of knowledge, thus fear and doubt will surely abate

With this lamp you created, to help guide you on a true path to follow

You will walk taller, with firmer, positive strides while seeking tomorrow

Be careful; for to yawn, dally or fantasise could spawn a deadly foe

A neglected lantern will surely dim, leaving you in darkness, and nowhere to go  

So, hold the bright light high, for you as its master, have captured Aspiration 

And you too will leave proud footprints in the journey of our nation 

To be seen and emulated by future kin to follow

Clear lights of intent, held high with pride, and no tears of sorrow

George Mansford own  ©September 2021

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