Warrior Poets

One regular ritual in the army is the roll call to ensure all are accounted for.  Such was the case […]

I watched as the young widow laid her wreath. I wanted to tell her I was with her husband shortly […]

As an initiative by teachers, panels of senior students in Far North Queensland are soon to gather at Cairns High […]

I recall a few whose waves would be their last goodbyes A band playing “Now is the hour” so very […]

Such a sacred oath to swear Of duty, discipline, and risk of life itself A proud flag to carry, and […]

Why, Oh Why?  Night and day I wonder where you are And when we’ll meet again, just the two of […]

Oh, how old soldiers remember past days with bayonet drill The shrieking orders; “on guard, thrust, parry, feint”“Go for the […]

SCRIBBLED WITH A BLUNT PENCIL AFTER LIGHTS OUT Sad news while I was bludging in hospital. Three more cobbers have […]

In the days of the Roman Empire, there were times when one in every ten soldiers would be executed, then […]

Like many Australians I have great empathy for commanding officers and their officers, Warrant Officers and NCO in our Armed […]