On this Remembrance Day, George Mansford poses the question

“Stand tall and proud for all those yesterdays
When our flag of unity was first flown to lead the way 
Raised by Colonials who drank sweetness of nationhood so new 
Long before PC and Woke vinegar was added for me and you

No matter when or where, always for our nation is deep love
A bright southern cross as a proud sign post blinking above
Not “them and us” but always a loud clear cry; “a fair go for all”
Fair dinkum; our precious way of life is worth fighting for

So many served and gave their all on foreign sands
Agony and blood in jungle, desert, snow and plowed land
Cruel seas and dark clouds churned with exploding hate
Heroes with love of country and purpose we strive to emulate

On special days, clothed in freedom, we gather, no matter where 
To honor our fallen who had sworn a sacred oath and dared 
Proud gatherings of young and old, who listen, sing, and pray
That peace and unity will reign forever and a day

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