Allegations of Australian war crimes revealed in leaked inquiry report

Culture of ‘illegal violence’ and drug abuse alleged in leaked Defence report

The explosive confidential report commissioned by Defence contains allegations members of Australia’s elite special forces may have used “unsanctioned and illegal application of violence on operations”, facilitated by weak leadership and a perceived lack of accountability.

According to Fairfax Media, the report says Defence insiders confidentially described a “disregard for human dignity” by some special forces soldiers.

It also describes concerns special forces officers pressure politicians to agree to missions that might not be in the public interest, and that the spread of former special operations personnel through Defence and other government agencies might hamstring attempts to bring our special forces to heel.

The report was commissioned in 2016 by Major General Jeff Sengelman, then head of the SAS. He was concerned about the impact of years of high-intensity deployments on Australia’s small special forces community.



  1. John Babbage says

    At the RAR National Management Conference of 2017 I made a point that until those who have had ‘allegations’made against them, which in the specifics of this case is our Australian Special Forces, have had the opportunity, both individually and as a group, to hear the specifics of the complaints made against them and the opportunity to answer or refute them, then they remain, ‘allegations’.

    As I stated at the RAR National Management Conference of 2017 a failure to allow the Special Forces soldiers to hear and answer, or refute, the complaints made against them is a denial of due process and natural justice.

    The wrong being perpetrated against the Special Forces soldiers is exacerbated by the amount of time that these ‘allegations’ have hung over the Special Forces Soldiers. These ‘allegations’either have substance, or they don’t, yet given the amount of time that has lapsed, since they were originally made what has been done about them since,
    other than to leave the victims of these ‘allegations’ in limbo.

    Last, but not least, for the accused of these, as yet, unsubstantiated ‘allegations’ another couple of penalties are imposed upon them and that is they have to continue their lives, both domestic and professional, as if nothing is wrong, whereas what they are actually enduring can be stress inducing, with all that entails.