Book – In the Footsteps of Road Runners:

The life and times of the members of DELTA Company, 4 RAR/NZ.From training in Townsville to the end of it’s tour of Vietnam, 1972.

The latest book by Bob Meehan OAM, D Company 4 RAR has just been released. Although named after the motto of Bob’s favourite company in the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (RAR), The Road Runners, it is in general, a story of Bob’s Army career his postings and experiences both in 4 RAR and in other units and of course his service in South Vietnam with D Company, 4 RAR. It is also about the Australian Regular Army it’s ethos, it’s history, it’s weapons and equipment, it’s pride and it’s war time experiences.

Coffee table book, US – A4 size, satin finished paper, large font for easy reading. 500+pages, 350+ b/w photos, 126.304 words, weighs 1.75 kilos

PRICE.$45.00 plus $10 postage (Australia) Banking details–

Robert John Meehan,
BSB 064489
Acc 10096107

Once monies are deposited, email me with your address and if you want it signed

[email protected]


  1. john rayment says

    If you buy meehans new book make sure its a new one and not used like I got. postie 4RAR 1971