The Chief of the Defence Force, General Angus Campbell, has shelved any punishment for seven senior army officers who failed to prevent […]

This Report originated from the RCBRG’s challenge over 15 years to the Government’s decision that RCB service was peacetime service. […]

The Commonwealth government is set to invest in the largest peace-time expansion of the ADF.  Prime Minister Scott Morrison and […]

It’s been four months since we made our last RCB submission for review to the Minister for Defence Personnel, Andrew Gee, which was supported […]

Parliament of Australia commissioned this report. All RARs contributed during the war in Afghanistan, especially from 2006-2021 as members of […]

I see no ships but hardships. Sail on! Finally, some sense on subs | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans […]

ANNOUNCING the SAS will from now be commanded by a full colonel delivered an unintended insult to every serving Australian […]

The events in Kabul are a murderous atrocity and if anyone was ever in any doubt about the righteousness of […]

Read the editorial of “The West Australian” – Tue 24th Aug 2021 Reports that a Special Air Service Regiment soldier […]

I recall a few whose waves would be their last goodbyes A band playing “Now is the hour” so very […]