Ross Eastgate

The ADF does not have a monopoly on suicide in Australia. It is a national scourge that respects neither age, […]

BARRING further acts of political cowardice, Australians will commemorate Anzac Day 2021 as they have done for almost 106 years. […]

FORMER British army major turned military historian Cyril Northcote Parkinson postulated in his most famous work, Parkinson’s Law, that “work […]

IT has been a watershed year for the ADF but perhaps one best forgotten, or at least parts of it. […]

“The RAAF have got into a spot of bother in Afghanistan and have asked us to do some contract flying,” […]

GOOD morning. Welcome to Russell Offices staff indoctrination training for 2021. The most important word you will learn here today […]

The ADF Inspector General’s report was a long time in gestation, and reveals a culture in some ADF personnel that […]

ONE of the classic comedy skits is Monty Python’s Argument Clinic, where clients pay for jolly decent differences of opinion […]

Today is United Nations Day. Read Ross Eastgate’s opinion here

AFTER 19 years it seems Australia’s commitment to Afghanistan may be drawing rapidly to an end. It’s Australia’s second-longest foreign […]