Ross Eastgate

The appointment of former Labor defence minister Stephen Smith and former CDF Angus Houston to conduct of a strategic review […]

Up here we are pretty chuffed the Member for Herbert, Phillip Thompson, a returned veteran in the old definition of […]

There’s one thing Russia’s rulers can’t tolerate. It is those who challenge their self-assumed total authority. If there’s one thing history has […]

There’s nothing like the whiff of distant grapeshot to energise Australia’s plethora of armchair military strategists. Military professionals, on the […]

With a small fleet, far north Queensland makes far better sense in terms situating the boats closest to where they […]

Russia’s criminal despot pushes the world to the brink, playing an unpredictable, dangerous game. Plenty of questions as Stalin’s successor […]

Occasionally politicians need to be reminded war comes at a human cost WARNING. This column contains language and descriptions which […]

ANNOUNCING the SAS will from now be commanded by a full colonel delivered an unintended insult to every serving Australian […]

THERE are multiple historic examples why the nation known variously as Afghanistan has been termed “the graveyard of empires”. Now, […]

AS the inimitable Sir Humphrey Appleby once opined, “Minister, two basic rules of government: Never look into anything you don’t […]