GOOD NEWS – RCB Review Group to meet with Minister Darren Chester

Persistence, Perseverance and Patience.

The Minister has agreed to meet with the RCB RG in Canberra on the 26th and the 27th November 2018. The first meeting is with the Minister’s Defence Advisor and Defence Department staff  and the second meeting with the Minister.

The RG in all its submission since 2006 has sought such a personal meeting without success: the government preferring to communicate in writing.

We thank the Minister and look forward to the meetings.


  1. Shaun, correct, I do not wear it. Next!

  2. Shaun Kenny says

    Easy done Crackles don’t wear it.

  3. Franz Hagl says

    My above comments were made solely in reply to Mr. Linwood, ASM. At NO TIME did I make reference to any ONE individual on this or any other page. I personally have made broad observations on numerous open sites (like this one) and have noticed an alarming number of individuals using NEGATIVITY and sometimes false statements to dissuade others from making further constructive comments. I have NEVER made a request of any person in relation to their service history or medal entitlements. Firstly, it DOESN’T concern me and secondly, I REALLY couldn’t CARE LESS what someone else has. Like I said, if an individual is happy with their medal entitlements, so be it, live with that for the rest of your days.
    What concerns me is that if an individual or group seeks to have their service appropriately recognized and re-classified, then they should have EVERY RIGHT to pursue their goal. It is not up to YOU, nor ME to make judgment on whether that is RIGHT or WRONG. That is for a HIGHER AUTHORITY to decide. I will certainly never belittle any other ex-service person by making reference to what they are doing as being stupid or a worthless exercise. If I can help someone to realize their goal I will offer POSITIVE criticism and encouragement for them to continue their quest, not NEGATIVITY. Remember think of the consequences your words may have on others. Thank you. OUT.

  4. Brian McKenzie says

    Good Luck and I hope things go well with discussion and i hope you all get a fair hearing from the Minister Chester and it leads to an investigation intervention by the Honours and Awards Committee

  5. Franz Hagl says

    I totally agree with the comments by Mr. Russell Linwood. Unfortunately on these open sites there is a group of people whose mission is solely to dis-rail what is trying to be achieved with their negative and mostly untrue comments. I doubt if some of these commenters have even worn a uniform. Some don’t even have the common decency to use their real names hiding behind bogus nicknames (nicknames are for gaming sites). I say to these people if you have served (?) and are content with the medal(s) that you have been awarded, then fine, live with that for the rest of your days. However, don’t belittle others who truly believe that their service may warrant an appropriate upgrade. By these negative comments you are really only belittling yourselves. Think of the consequences your comments may have on others and always respect what others are trying to achieve, whether you agree with it or not. In Infantry we were always taught to support and help our mates. Thank you.

    • Russell Linwood, ASM says

      Franz (and all other fellow RCB vets) your response is exactly why we do what we do, LONG after our official responsibilities ended. No matter our rank at the time, every man (and some women) all depended on each other. And we still do. The uniqueness of military service, especially when put in harm’s way. Thank you all for your service, especially at Air Base Butterworth. No matter which way the government spins it, at the end of the day, we succeeded. The CTs did not attack the base and hurt/kill RAAFies and their families because we deterred them, as tasked in the classified directives and Oporders that we have copies of. The RAAFies at least, are grateful to us. And they are decent enough to say so through their Association’s support for us. And we will support them back, like we did then.

    • Crackles says

      Franz, I am an ex RAR member with war service, my name is my nick name, which most in battalion these days know! I have been in harms way on a number of occasions, and wear my AASM with Timor, ICAT and Iraq with pride. I also have an ASM for my time at RCB, which I am embarrassed about. My comments stand.

  6. Russell Linwood says

    For any ‘doubting thomases’ still out there, please look at the total evidence that overwhelmingly proves the existence of warlike conditions, and be VERY happy that you and your colleagues, by their training and presence there, deterred the CTs from actually attacking the base. If you DON’T wish to be persuaded by (or at least remain neutral about) those facts, then kindly respect the thousands of the rest of us who did our job and deserve the respect due for it. as one of the Company Commanders who served there, I thank you all for a successful job done, and hold the Government and its advisors to account for accepting the evidence.

  7. Colin "Tiny" Russell says

    Hey – Well done you Mob – Now lets hope that after all your years of hard work that Defence won’t do their normal stone walling and bull shit to those who need the honest information to make a rightful decision. Fingers crossed. Cheers from Colin “Tiny” Russell

  8. Franz Hagl says

    Thanks again to the RCB Review Group for their persistence with this matter. Also thanks to the Minister for finally agreeing to have this long overdue meeting. This is good news and hopefully will end with a positive result.

  9. Mark Stewart says

    Best of luck, ask him what I was supposed to be doing on the border before going down to RCB

  10. Crackles says

    Persistence in making something out of nothing. I think once you have badgered them enough and you get an AASM for training, you will get some interesting looks on Anzac Day.