Is History Repeating Itself?

Who was asleep at the wheel as our nation reached out for tomorrow?

Who misplaced our compass bearings of faith, hope and many dreams?

Who masked our vision and doused our spirit for new generations to follow?

Who distorted a history of courage, endurance, sweat and unity to be seen? 

Who hindered our trek, fueled with freedom and no chains or lash to be seen? 

In our space age, we have lost direction and move at reckless speed 

So much division in our ranks, and for leadership, a desperate need 

We sip the good wines of life and ignore dark cloud heading our way

We’re already in heavy seas and true course of our journey is now astray

Fools obeying faceless leaders are now on the scene   

Bullies and agitators, just like followers of Hitler, Mao and Stalin had been 

These brown and red shirts are intent to change our ways 

For us to obey and learn a revised history will be their first order of the day

Political correctness has strangled common sense without a murmur 

Growing apathy numbs tongue and courage, and our values slip further

At sacred ballot booths, intimidation is created by local Bully Bands 

Has not blood been spilt to protect voting without fear in our land?

There’s talk of immunity from criminal charges for minors until mid-teens

While the Greens want voting age to be dropped to sixteen 

Drugs such as Ice in are clearly destroying our precious society

Yet our law makers are asleep, and drug brewers boldly run free 

What odds the ghosts of our pioneers would scratch their heads and ask why? 

Those who stood the storms of war would surely let loose with angry cry

 Politicians! Please note, lessons from apathy are readily seen in history books 

All you have you to do is to turn dusty cobwebbed pages and look

No more hypocrisy, contradictions and “perhaps” or “maybe”

Stop stumbling in darkness, and light a very bright beacon for all to see

Cease appeasing mindless thugs and do what must be done

Lead the way; give us back our way of life, or pack your swag and run

We need a brave Captain at the wheel as we reach out for tomorrow

To follow our compass bearings of faith, hope and so many dreams  

We still seek new horizons and vision for new generations to follow

On a journey fueled by blood, sweat and tears and no chains or lash to be seen

Heads up, always together; we know where we’re going and where we’ve been

George Mansford © July 2018