Opinion: ABC races to a conclusion

Exuding the moral and legal authority of the High Court, the ABC Investigations Unit has relentlessly pursued Australian special forces it has accused of war crimes in Afghanistan. It appears to have adopted a methodology known in the military as “situating the appreciation” – determining a desired outcome, then working backwards to justify that outcome.



  1. Is this to apply to all wars crimes…..WW11,Korea,Vietnam,Malaysia,onwards or just “sand”wars……interesting,but totally out of whack,I’d say nothing better to do………pity they couldn’t get on to reports of incidents in Malaysia 1970-1989,or toooooo hard for the idiots.

  2. Butch & Jan Mathew says

    I’m disgusted at the ABC’s attitude, as are many Veterans

  3. Murray Martin says

    This is total crap that Our Soldiers are faced with this witchhunt by people who have NEVER been in battle, NEVER faced the horror of having to confront the enemy, NEVER been put in the situation of making a split second decision to either kill or be killed, NEVER been in a firefight that is both terrifying and noisy, NEVER had to live forever with the thoughts going through your mind of what you saw or did.
    Until these people have walked in our brave soldiers shoes they cannot JUDGE THEM.
    Been there, Done that. Still have the rotten dreams.