Opinion – What is Going On?

SO SAD. Consequences will  be felt for a long time.

In my view there was too much emphasis on Special Forces and thus incredible physical and mental demands on unit and its soldiers. More so for such a long period.  It was a total disregard for appropriate rest and simply ignoring the increasing danger of PTSD and brutalisation in war. . Whose side was Canberra on?

Again, in my view, our hierarchy including  politicians have been distracted  from the main game of preparing and conducting war,  for ever increasing efforts and priorities on destructive political correctness.

Finally, I am sure that everyone would agree that the comments to disband a Squadron of SASR and for it to surrender unit  citations strongly suggests a very poor understanding of any of soldiers pride, past and present in a unit that has such a distinguished records of service over many years. Besides, there has not been trial as yet.

Perhaps that old saying “MARCH THE GUILTY BASTARDS IN”  is to become reality. That too adds to the evidence of poor leadership and its consequences in such a sad phase of our military history,


Stay safe


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