This Part contains RAR historical material of any nature that is only stored digitally on a DVD or CD and requires the applicable player to retrieve and view. Unless otherwise stated, sources listed might be obtained through normal information support/library/online sources. Items including the descriptor RARA Digital library can be obtained by contacting the Bibliography Registrar.




5 RAR Association/BURGE, Lindsay (Ed) – The History of the Fifth Battalions 1885-1973

5 RAR Association, Post-production by Videocraft, 2006


66 mins duration.

Started as a project in 1993, this DVD starts with the formation of the first 5th Battalion in Bendigo in 1885 as part of the Colonial Military forces. It includes segments from WW I and WW II where it features the 5th battalions of the time, and the raising of and service by 5 RAR during both of its tours of duty in Vietnam. Following the linking to create 5/7 RAR the mechanised role of the linked battalion (5/7 RAR (Mechanised) and move to Darwin in 1999 are covered.


ANZACs: Remembering our Heroes

NITV, 2014.

Colour, Eleven 15-minute segments

This series features a range of indigenous soldiers through time. One includes Captain Reg Saunders 3 RAR (Korea), and Private Bob Blair 2 RAR (Vietnam). Available through


Deployable Joint Force Headquarters – The Australian Amphibious Force

DJFHQ/Army Learning Production Centre, Puckapunyal VIC, 2014


A For Official Use Only video that promulgates the new ADF amphibious capability. Introduced by ex-RAR member MAJGEN Smith, this DVD also features 2 RAR which has the amphibious role (from then to include 2017), and the then- CO 2 RAR assisting to describe what the force can do. Available to ADF personnel and researchers though military outlets.


Long Tan to Afghanistan

Big Sky Publishing, Sydney, 2017


Produced by Denny Neuve, a DVD Documentary of Delta Company 6 RAR preparing for deployment to Afghanistan 2006-07. The Company prepares for the tough training that lies ahead. This is the deeply personal story of soldiers preparing for battle and the anguished wait of loved ones at home from whom duty and service can demand the ultimate price. Includes actual footage from both the Battle of Long Tan Vietnam, and during the Afghanistan deployment.



DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS – Australian Prisoners of War Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Canberra, 2009

ISBN: 9781877007408

CD and DVD support a 110 page booklet.

A publication which is part of the Government’s commemorations program ‘Saluting their Service’, an educational resource for teachers.


The Korean War – Fire and Ice

20th Century Fox

DVD 2 disc set

Coverage of the Korean War in which 1, 2 and 3 RAR fought.


SOUTH EAST ASIA 1950-current

(includes Malaya, Borneo, Singapore & Malaysia)


no entry.

VIETNAM 1962-75


2 RAR in Vietnam and Hong Kong (F03709)

Australian War Memorial; Canberra, date unknown

49 mins 50 secs silent film shot by Ross Horne, DVD available from the AWM.


4 RAR and 9 RAR in Vietnam – F04756

AWM Film F04756

Now digitised, colour, 40 minutes.

Also available

Super 8mm film shot by Private Don Tate and other members of units he served in including 4 RAR and 9 RAR, Detailed contents are available on both the AWM website and the Youtube locations. Wide range of infantry and supporting arms and services For example, 9 RAR Operation Hat Dich 16 July 1969. Redeployment during operation – gunships assisting in redeployment – boarding helicopters. 9 RAR 7 Platoon prior to major ambush of 19 July 1969. Don Tate in hospital after being wounded.


5 RAR Association  – Eyes of the Tiger: Diary of a Dirty War

Lets Play Productions, Sydney, 2006


5 RAR, also referred to as the Tiger Battalion due to its mascot, deployed a Reconnaissance platoon in lieu of its establishment Anti-tank platoon from October 1966 in Vietnam. This DVD is their story. Other battalions has the same/similar capability depending on priorities and the perceived threat, with specialist reconnaissance coming primarily from the manpower normally assigned to the Anti-tank platoon of Support Company.


5 RAR Association (Tony Henry (Ed)) – The Doc’s Movie (Captain Tony White RMO – 5 RAR Vietnam 1966-67

5 RAR Association, Photo Call Studio, 2005

Digitised footage on DVD originally shot on 8mm film by CAPT White, RMO 5 RAR during the battalion’s first tour of duty in Vietnam. A timelines and synopsis of individuals and events and a transcript of Geberal Sire Peter Cosgrove (Retd) introduction is included. Available from 5 RAR Association.


All the Way: Australia and America in Vietnam

ABC, 2012.

Colour DVD, 57 mins.

Presented by Peter Ham. A documentary based on the supposition: How Australia discovered that its biggest battle in the war was with its best friend, the USA. Shows RAR troops in Vietnam.


ARNETT, Peter & BASEHART, Richard et al – Vietnam: The ten thousand day war

Multiple publishers and dates

DVD, usually in a four-disc set. Also available in VHS tape.

An extensive coverage of the Vietnam war from an American journalists’ perspective. Includes reference to the Australian participation.


Battle of Binh Ba

AWM, Canberra, publication date unknown

Also known as Operation Hammer, involved 5 RAR moving to support 6 RAR. See


Danger Close – the Battle of Long Tan

 The Battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) took place in a rubber plantation near Long Tân, in Phước Tuy Province, South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. The DVD version of the movie (see Section 8, Vietnam) which involved D Coy 6 RAR, its supporting arms and other components of 6 RAR is available from 4 Dec 19 at the following outlets:

iTunes –

JB HiFi –

DVDLand –


Danger Close in Oz Rubber – Battle of Long Tan


A film being made about the Battle of Long Tan in 2018. One Facebook site providing a range of information is at When completed this product will be available on DVD/online streaming.


Department of Veterans Affairs – You’re not in the Forces Now

Australian Government, Canberra, 2001


DVD, approx 30 minutes.

Nic Fothergill, an RAR Vietnam veteran, presents to Vietnam veterans and partners on how to deal with post-war issues including PTSD. While Vietnam-centric, this content applies equally to all military personnel and certainly every member of the RAR. Sponsored and delivered by the Veterans & Veterans’ Families Counselling Service.


Eyes of the Tiger – Diary of a dirty war

Screen Australia, Sydney, 2006

Let’s Play Production, 45 minutes.

Directed by Monica O-Brien, this is a documentary of a dirty war, focussing on 5 RAR in Vietnam and told through the vivid stories of men of the Reconnaissance Platoon. See—diary-of-a-dirty-war-2006/23458/ . DVD available via the 5 RAR Website at


HEARD, Barry – Well Done Those Men: Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran

ABC Audio, Ultimo NSW, 2009

ISBN: None

Audio CD based on the book by the same name.

The author’s personal experiences before, during and after the Vietnam War, read by the author himself. Provides an alternative, and when listened to, potential for different experience for the listener.


LAURENT, Rob – The Green Soldier

DVD – 4 min duration; words and music by David Newland and Oz Coulthard.

A photographic record of 6 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) battalion 1969-70. DVD version of book by that name (see Part 2, Vietnam).


Meanjim Entertainment: They’ll come looking for you: the Battle of Fire Support Base Coral Vietnam 1968

Public Memory Research Centre, Uni of Southern QLD, Toowoomba QLD, 2008


COs of 1 and 3 RAR and others feature in this documentary which covers those battalions, 12 Field Regiment (Artillery) and other attachments who fought a major series of battles following the Tet Offensive. Between 12 May and 6 Jun 68, 25 Australians died and 100 were wounded.


SCHROEDER, Jens – Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof

Vimeo, date unknown


20.54 mins long video

A video made primarily for high school use, this product provides a series of visual movie clips taken by a variety of sources – some amateur, others more professional. Includes quotes and data which outline the futility of (this) war, and a stirring soundtrack to illustrate the Australia role in the Vietnam War. Emphasis is placed on the national serviceman, the producer/complier being one himself. Located at


Service deaths in the Vietnam War/Vietnam Casualties List – all casualties/Vietnam final resting places

RARA Digital library. To be published, currently available through RARA bibliographer.


The Vietnam War

20th Century Fox

DVD 10 disc set with 18 hours of screen time

Produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick

Comprehensive coverage of the Vietnam War from both sides. All nine RAR battalions took part.




(Somalia 1992-93, Rwanda 1994-95, Cambodia 1994-95, Papua New Guinea 1946 to 1975, East Timor 1999-2012, Bougainville 1994, The Solomon Islands 2000 -2008, all remaining deployments not covered by UN or above (Rhodesia, Uganda)


Australian Army Directorate General of Public Information – SOLACE: Everyone’s Mother Can be Proud

McBeen (DGPI), Canberra, 1993


DVD Documentary produced in conjunction with WIN-TV

Includes in-house video clips of the Australians in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope. A Force HQ and the 1 RAR Battalion Group served in 1992-93 along with HMAShips Jervis Bay and Tobruk, supported by RAAF Transport and chartered QANTAS aircraft. DVD Available from ADFA library.


IRAQ 2003-09 and 2014–ongoing


Nil entry

AFGHANISTAN 2006-ongoing


Afghanistan: the Australian Story

Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2016

2-DVD set, 60 minutes long, in PAL format. Bonus third disk with interviews.

Covers the challenges, successes, and comradeship of the Australian men and women who have deployed to Afghanistan, and the many aspects of their service including the views of those at home waiting for their deployed personnel to come home. Available also by purchase from the AWM.


MTF2  – On Operations- Patrol Base MTF2 Operational Lessons (RESTRICTED)

Centre for Army Lessons, Puckapunyal, 2011


Available only to serving ADF personnel or others authorized to access RESTRICTED material.

CO (then) LTCOL D Huxley and other members present in interview a range of lessons learnt. While the work was primarily engineer in nature each Mentoring Task Force had an infantry component and these feature in the footage as well as the dialogue. MTF 2 included 5 RAR.


MTF-4 – Post Deployment Interviews – LTCOL Kahlil Fegan CO 8/9 RAR (RESTRICTED)

HQ 1st Division (Adaptive Warfare Branch), Brisbane, 31 August 2012)

DVD. Available only to serving ADF personnel or others authorized to access RESTRICTED material.

One of a series of post-deployment interviews intended to gather information consistent with the Army’s Short Learning Loop approach to updating organizational learning.  Covers 8/9 RAR battle group tour of duty in Afghanistan as Mentoring Tasking Force 4.


                                                                                       HUMANITARIAN/DEFENCE AID TO THE CIVIL COMMUNITY

(Civilian Humanitarian Disaster ops (incl Darwin 1975 and other cyclones and floods, overseas eg PNG, Indian Ocean, and lately, Border Operations, and DACC (non-disaster) eg Olympics and Commonwealth Games and other government support eg APEC, G20)


Nil entry



Australian Army – Future Army: Building on Beersheba

Modernisation and Strategic Planning Division, Canberra, 2014

DVD. The Directorate of Future Land Warfare produced this information material that refers to the current and ongoing remoulding of the core of the Australian Army around the three regular brigades which comprise all of the RAR battalions. See also


Australian Army – Ex Primary Survey

Army Learning Production Centre, Sydney, 2010

 A training DVD that comprises a 1, 5 and 20 minute version of the conduct of first response to battlefield injuriesy. It features real operational footage from East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan as background scene setting, and also features 6 RAR soldiers among others in training prior to deployment. The messages and lessons apply to all future deployments, and indeed, training in Army, and even in the general community where first aid/first response principles are much the same, even if blast injuries and responding under fire are less likely to occur.

Dents in the Soul: Dealing with PTSD (DPS AUG012/10)

Department of Defence, Canberra, 2012

38 min DVD supported by an 11-page handbook for use by the ADF. It is Army-centric and features several RAR individuals.

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