RCB Service Recognition – Senator Anning’s Questions to Marise Payne

In the Senate Question Time yesterday, 18th September, Senator  Fraser Anning  (Katter’ s Australian Party) asked  Sen. Marise Payne three questions on RCB Service recognition as warlike during the Malaysian Counter Insurgency War.

We thank Senator Anning for his support. He has read the evidence and is championing our claim for an independent inquiry

You can watch the event here:

A challenge to  the accuracy of Senator Payne’s answers is being prepared by the RCB Review Group. Until we present that challenge we ask our supporters to keep calm.


  1. I find it distasteful that non war fighters are trying to make RCB something it never was.

  2. Russell Linwood says

    Ms Payne continues to cite the same tired and erroneous material written up for her by equally tired and erroneous Department of Defence ‘advisors’. Mistruths and an irrelevant self-promoting response are included in her replies. The problem remains that it is the Defence bureaucrats controlling Ministers and not the other way round. The only real question is : who originated this intransigent line of denial, obfuscation and blocking when the overwhelming truth demands an inquiry independent of Government control and interference? Government/advisors know this, and hence the use of privilege and denial of ‘fair an due process’ to block, delay and draw out.

  3. Margaret Murley says

    Took a long time for people (even other vets) to stop saying “oh, you were only in Malaya’. My husband was in the Malay jungle and also attached to the Malay/Thai Police Field Force in Thailand in the early 60’s. They had no training in fighting an enemy that didn’t wear a uniform. No support given for years, in fact, it was 2004 when he was diagnosed with PTSD. Terrible that the Butterworth troops are still dealing with this problem.