Remembrance Day: Time to wake up – Lessons never to be ignored

Remembrance Day is a proper and noble occasion to honour our fallen. However, there is an expectation future generation will also be prepared to defend our way of life from any threat, big or small. The most effective way to prevent war is to be ready for it, and we are not.  If we become divided and succumb to the demands of others, at home or abroad, we will fail those who handed us the torch. The values we inherited, and the precious words ‘‘lest we forget” could well join the dusty and growing cobwebs of our proud history which once was.  

Time to wake up  

Much of our history is buried in cobwebs and dust. Lessons learnt in time of emergency are quickly forgotten, only to be rediscovered the hard way, often with great loss in both life and national security.

Preparing for war is one of those many neglected lessons. Two world wars taught us the great dangers of not being prepared. Fortunately, we had geographical distance and precious time, as well as powerful allies in the form of the USA to save us.  Such threats can happen again, thus ignoring history and its stark lessons of survival could result in the bitter fruit of apathy being our diet, forever and a day.

There are other flashing lights of danger we should not ignore. Modern science and technology have eliminated our advantages of distance and time from external threat. Our submarine fiasco is worthy of mention. A new generation of diesel powered submarines, will not be operational until decades from now. This very day, there are trials being conducted by the USA on automated craft with incredible operational range. Can you imagine science and technology as it will be as it will be in 25 years plus?

Relying on other nations for sustainability in times of major strife has and continues to be a dangerous gamble.

Values so precious to us, free speech, religion, the flag and unity to name but four, are already under attack from stealth, deceit, ignorance and social mischief. No longer are we united in common purpose, while this very day our precious way of life is under threat by noisy minority groups’ intent on a new world order.

Simple demographics show Australia is a huge continent with small population. Huge reservoirs of mineral wealth and potential for food bowls are the envy of other nations in an ever-shrinking world. Our lack of vision, purpose and energy is most evident and makes us vulnerable to become a lifeboat for social change by negotiation or force.

To add to our challenges are the threats and disunity within our nation. The intent to destroy our way of life by a few who readily defy and exploit the laws of our society, using both tantrums and violence with impunity, is increasingly evident. Much of our sovereignty has become a casualty due to poor leadership, betrayal, lack of vision and greed.

Lessons never to be ignored

On this very special day when flags fly and bugles cry
Stirred are reflections of desperate bloody conflicts gone by
Faint echoes of proud, defiant songs which helped us bind 
Images of final farewells where forced smiles masked troubled minds

Sweet memories of those who stepped forward to answer the call 
Once more are our vows never to forget such brave spirits who gave all
Today lessons of war inked in books are rarely read 
Etched walls of stone salute our dead

New names added when Mars creates another cruel season
Familiar sobs from a new grieving generation seeking reason
Official speeches are often prepared by unknown scribes at public cost
Forgotten are warnings that precious freedom is slowly being lost

When will we learn that the price of peace is to be prepared for war?
Not huffing and puffing or meek excuses and shrugging what for?
In our new found space age, distance and time from threat is naught
We must shed blinkers; and quicken needs for readiness to be sought

If we remain meek, and shun threats to our way of life; far away or within.

Then brace for terrible turmoil which apathy and political neglect will bring.

Lest we forget

George Mansford©October 2020

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