Rifle Company Butterworth – Warning Order “OPERATION EXPOSURE”






Following Governments’ failure to agree to RCB Review Group’s legitimate claim for recognition of their service 1970-1989 as warlike,  the  Group  intends to take further action to secure an independent judicial enquiry.

All RCB  persons who served at that time are encouraged to support the RCB Review Group

Core History Paper – A case for recognition during the SME V3



  1. James Foster says

    I have only just come across this campaign and i would like to say well done t everyone that has contributed so far. I was a National Serviceman and served with 1RAR 1969 to 1971 in Malaya (Terendak) then Singapore (Selarang). We were told when leaving Australia that we would be serving in a war zone. I was posted to Butterworth in 1970. I remember we were out of the base a lot, patrolling for lengthy periods in various areas some of which were very close to the Thai border. We were issued live rounds each time. My memory fades as I am now 73 but I remember the service was arduous a lot of the time. Good luck with your campaign and thank you for your efforts on my and everyone elses behalf.

  2. With the recent reports about the Unfair Treatment of the Veteran Community in dealings with DVA and the Government ie wrong decisions , different levels of benefits etc. Why doesn’t the Rcb group first fight to have our service recognised as Hazardous Non Warlike as gazetted in 2002. So all members receive apropriate benefits first. The only person stopping this is the Defence Minister who will not agree to our service being non warlike but peacetime . Just one step at a time . Thanks All Col

  3. Derek Holyoake says

    Can somebody please let me know how all this is going because I have not received any information for 1 year now.
    i would l like to know as I personally am suffering an eye problem from injury suffered at Butterworth November 1975 with 12 platoon Delta Company 6 RAR
    I have now lost 60-70 % vision in my left eye due to this action.

    I have 2 photos of Delta Company at Butterworth in 1975 and would like to share them as my memory is failing now and cannot remember everyone’s names.
    Can some o me please tell me how to upload them.


    • Trevor Dixon says

      Robert Cross
      Thu, 11 Jul

      Subject: RCB latest info

      To all the RCB,

      Well the fight continues on.

      To date the media in general has shown no interest in our campaign really. It basically has very little interest to the general public as there were no direct military actions against the CT`s and no battle KIA/WIA for the RCB, hence no interest by the media, even though our RCB defended the airbase in an active war zone area. We continue to cultivate the media interest and there have been various articles in regional newspapers but not in the capitals newspapers to date but we continue to work on this aspect.

      The legal review, paid for by the Fighting Fund, has also not given us a clear mandate on the issue as we had hoped it would but it did see value in the cause that we are presenting i.e. “ armed patrolling by soldiers with loaded weapons, defending an airbase used in counter CT operations by an allied nation in a recognised wartime service period is certainly Active Service regardless of if any actual combat eventuated and KIA/WIA stats occurred to Aust forces.

      The avenue of appealing to the DHAAT is still in progress, via our legal rep. Ray Fulcher.

      We are still in direct contact with the VCDF on the issue with strident exchange correspondence to him from Lt. Col. Ted Chitham MC OAM (rtd)and Lt. Col. Russell Linwood ASM (rtd).

      As to the complaints that all isn`t being done quickly enough, just realise that our RCB case, of which is only pertinent directly to 9.000 ex RCB, is really of low importance to all the other people who become involved in it and of course the various Gov Depts have countless other activities also to follow up for the Aust public and so we have no input into when and how our matter is actioned in response times.

      We the RCBRG understand that we are not the sole contributors of this “recognition of warlike RCB service “ campaign and if anyone else wants to try some other action to further the cause, we aren`t stopping them. Go for it. The only advice we can give is that you will soon realise how minuscule our cause is against the daily more outstanding actions that occur across the nation and world and within our Aust. Gov and regardless of what you think about the Federal Gov, it is they who will eventually award the upgrade to warlike service for RCB. Only the Minister for Defence can do it regardless of any other actions by anyone else including the media.

      So we are working onwards gaining support within the Parliament, reviewing the legal side, applying to DHAAT and VCDF and pursuing more media exposure.

      We fully realise that it was in 2006 when we first submitted the RCB Submission, written by former CO 8/9 RAR, Lt. Col. Ted Chitham MC OAM and we are now at 2019.

      Remember the 1964 Melbourne/Voyager incident and the latter 1969 Melbourne/ Frank E. Evans disasters and loss of lives and of the great time period involved in all of that action follow ups and even today there are still some outstanding details that are not finalised. I realise that wasn`t seeking a warlike service claim but it just shows the longevity involved when dealing with Federal Gov red tape and bureaucracies.

      However our case is strong with justification. It`s certainly frustrating but persistence is required for the way forward and with the tenacity of all the RCB and the RCBRG who continue to provide centurion voluntary effort in support of this cause for all their fellow ex service personnel, success will be achieved.

      All the RCBRG

  4. Kris Pryosusilo says

    I was in Recon 8/9 RAR and went over with A Coy in 82 or 83 (getting old, can’t remember, will have to check dates).
    What I do remember was that we carried live ammo in marked mags along with blanks. I remember too that we had a contact during an exercise. There was a shot, I was forward scout at the time with my mate Chappie, our section went through the contact drill but we found nothing and nothing came of it.
    I support the RCB, but knowing that governments are full of self serving lying people, I don’t hold much hope.

  5. Brett Pitcher says

    As a member of 1st ARMD Regt I was fortunate to be deployed to RCB with C Coy 5/7 RAR in June 1989. I firmly believe in recognition for the troops serving at RCB not forgetting the devastating loss of life during Charlie’s later deployment (accident). I am proud to say I served with these men and support your quest whole heartedly

  6. Colin "Tiny" Russell says

    Being an ex-Nasho who stayed in for 22 yrs and then 12 months of Army Reserve time, I was lucky enough to serve with 7 RAR – 5/7 RAR, Parachute Training School, 2/4 RAR and a number of Inf Centre and Range Control postings. I fully support the ongoing attempts re: recognition of RCB service. The point of my writing this is to tactfully suggest that if after all the hard work of attempting to have the AASM awarded is not successful, perhaps another award similar to the Border Protection Medal be considered. Keep up the good work fellahs

  7. Gary Grant says

    Gary Grant says
    June 23rd 2018

    I was with 6RAR and did two tours together with Rifle Company Butterworth, december 1971, january 1972. and would like the recognition we deserve.

  8. c clarke says

    A big thank you to the fellas who have put so much effort into our cause and Yes the Great Game has began we must grovel at the feet of the protectors of the public purse to see if we are worthy of any recognition. Anzac day these same hypocrites will say how much they value ours and others sacrifice and service. Cheers ex 2/4 rar delta coy

  9. Appreciate all that is being done. We didn’t write the rules of recognition – we just did our job.
    “Seek out and close with the enemy, to kill or capture him, to seize and hold ground, repel attack, by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain.” Can we help it if the CT didn’t want to play?

    Sent as a deterrent – we deterred! did we do the job to well, did the government want casualties?

    We met the criteria required for active service. We will get recognition when there is only a few of us left – remember the Voyager disaster?

    Any way keep up the good fight.

    All the best Grant

  10. Bryan Yeomans says

    Barry so well presented in your argument and stated why did they give us they live rounds if there was not the possibility of engagement. We were advised on every occasion when moving through jungles and rubber tree plantations of the communist activity in the area. There were times where you saw them in the plantations taking notes watching us very closely.
    Former B Coy D Coy Anti Armour 5/7 RAR