Until the next campfire – Vale to Three Cobbers


Sad news while I was bludging in hospital. Three more cobbers have left our parade ground.  Like so many others in our military family, they have left the parade ground to join the growing ghost column. My deepest sympathy to their loyal, dedicated and loving families.

Until when and where ever, old cobbers, keep the billy bubbling

Sam Farmer: Malaya (Eagle Force), – South Vietnam – Singapore

Fred Morrison: Malaya – South Vietnam (recipient of 3 Unit Citations)

Alan McLean: (Mentioned in Dispatches), Malaya – South Vietnam – Singapore

Luv ya —-George

Until the Next Campfire

It seems only yesterday we were so young and all as one
Marching in step, heads held high and shoulders square
Proud of who we were and always going forward until duty done
No matter the challenge, all of us bullet proof and ready to dare

Today, smoke signals drift with the crisp morning air
Each puff of smoke a farewell for a new spirit with sad adieu
No need for compass, haversack or other military hardware
They see the ghost column with its laughter and familiar friendly faces too

More comrades free from earthy burdens at last
Always will be distant echoes of their love for family, flag and country
No more hunger, thirst, aching bones or desperate orders to “stand fast”
Rest, sleep and free of pain for dearest brothers of you and me

Tonight, a new generation of military gathers around camp fires burning bright
Singing, laughing and wondering what tomorrow will bring
I swear the fiery comets above are saluting as they slowly fade from sight
Truly, old soldiers never die, given the Anzac spirit these young blokes do sing

George Mansford April 2021

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