Vale: Senator, Major General Jim Molan, AO DSC LM (US), CO 6 RAR 1990/91

The Regiment is in mourning with the passing of one of its tribal elders.

He will be remembered for his leadership during his time as CO 6 RAR and in other command appointments.

His care for his soldiers and the Defence Family extended beyond his military career into Federal politics where as a Senator he was a firm advocate for Australia’s strong defence and the well being of the ADF Family of current serving soldiers and veterans and their families.

His funeral information will be provided when known.

We offer our sincere condolence to the Molan family

Homeward Bound  


I saw the shooting star burning so bright

Falling, falling, fading and soon from sight

So distant and yet so near

In its wake, a soldier’s journey so very clear

Duty, sharing, caring, courage and sometimes fear

No longer a mortal in life’s short race

A contented spirit bound for home somewhere in distant space

This fiery trail I saw tonight marks a warrior’s farewell

Leaving behind another legacy of proud deeds to tell

George Mansford©

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