Video for Association of QLD Korea Veterans Xmas Party

Dear Korea Veterans, Families and Supporters,
Today – Friday the 4th of December, AQKV – Association of QLD Korea Veterans is having Xmas Party. It has been a very difficult  year for all but profoundly harsh to the aging Korea Veterans and families.

Now,  The borders are opening, Air ports are becoming busy with families being reunited….  Just in time for Xmas. Australia should be proud to have overcome the threat of the pandemic.

I hope everyone is well and starting to get into the mood of the festive season. I have prepared a video presentation that will be played during our Xmas party at the Broadbeach Bowls Club. If you are staying home grab your favourite drink and join in with those fortunate members at the Broadbeach Bowls Club. You can watch the full sized video –

The video starts with photos from the Xmas party last year (2019) and then goes on …
the first casualty of the memorial services  Cancelled due to the pandemic measures was the function of ROK Consulate Gen Sydney in March 2020.
Jack Cooper from Sunshine Coast was already in Gold Coast for the function when the cancellation decision / notice was made.
Cancellations of public services for the Kapyong Day, ANZAC Day, Korea Veterans Day and the November 11 Remembrance Day followed.

The video includes music –  ‘Blue Blue is my world … ‘ music by Paul Mauriat – Korea loved his music and the French loved Korean music. Paul Mauriat introduced  ‘ARIRANG’ to France / World in the 1970’s.
2005, Korean K Pop band – BTS opened a concert in France with ‘Arirang’
About in the middle of the video – video clips from the November 11 – Remembrance Day / Turn Towards Busan Ceremony in UNMCK shows the video messages of young Koreans to the Korea Veterans.
They are mostly spoken in Korean but from the video you would know what they want to express.  

The service at the UNMCK – United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea – included a special singing – ‘Did you ever know … You are my hero …’

Kindest regards,
Yang Kim
Secretary, AQKV (Association of QLD Korea Veterans)
[email protected]