The RAR  bibliography records the known published and unpublished history of the Regiment since its formation in 1948. Here is the latest update from […]

In early 1916, the 51ST Battalion, AIF was raised in Egypt. Its original members being Gallipoli veterans and recent reinforcements […]

This Bibliography is an essential project to ensure that the history of the Regiment is preserved in perpetuity. Lt Col […]

Proud of our Country and proud of our Flag. DUTY FIRST

The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) congratulates Rifle Company Butterworth (RCB) for its 50th anniversary of establishment in Malaysia. “Your presence […]

Australian special forces soldiers allegedly committed up to 39 murders and 19 current or former soldiers will face criminal investigation, […]

Remembrance Day is a proper and noble occasion to honour our fallen. However, there is an expectation future generation will […]

Monash University is hosting a ‘Virtual event’ aimed at Remembering our Australian Soldiers entitled Returning Home: The Traumatised Male Soldier […]

Today is United Nations Day. Read Ross Eastgate’s opinion here

As the years pass, and our veterans get older, there are fewer opportunities to hear their stories first hand. In […]