Russell Linwood

This RAR  bibliography records the known published and unpublished history of the Regiment since its formation in 1948. It has been prepared […]

  This Part comprises Australian authors and publications which might generally be regarded as factual depictions of military history which […]

GENERAL   This Part provides for printed materials produced by authors on behalf of the Regiment itself, or its battalions […]

GENERAL   This Part provides details of publications and other materials generated by individuals, telling their own or others’ factual […]

GENERAL   This Part contains sources of reference to the RAR by other Australian Defence Force Services, non-Infantry Corps of […]

This Part contains sources generated by other than Australian authors. Includes authors/agencies that might have been enemies at the time […]

This Part covers the very large field of smaller articles and other data which appear in both Infantry and other […]

This Part lists audio-visual sources that require a VHS, ¾” Umatic or Beta tape player to review. Audio–only may be […]

This Part includes celluloid 8mm, 16mm, 35 mm and (more recently) digital recordings that result in a “film” which can […]

This Part contains RAR historical material of any nature that is only stored digitally on a DVD or CD and […]